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Yacht Charter Advisors is a service designed to help choose the best Motor Yacht, Express Cruiser, Sailboat or Mega Yacht to suit your needs. Our team is made up of US Coast Guard Licensed Captains with vast experience in the Yacht Charter Industry. Our knowledge spans from Captaining a wide range of Vessels, maintaining those vessels, and managing a professional crew to properly serve their guests' needs, while keeping safety as the number one priority!. With many years of experience, our team will be able to guide you in making the best possible choice for your event. With a wide variety of vessels, we can service any type of event you are considering, from Weddings at Sea, Sunset Cruises, Coastal Cruises, Overnight Destination Cruises, Fishing Charters form 5 hours, to 5 days, Whale Watching, Burials at Sea, Location Filming and many more. With Vessels large enough to land Helicopters, we will fully coordinate an event for those wanting to make a grand entrance, or just have the convenience of quick transportation on and off their Yacht. Please view the Vessels under the various categories to find what suits your needs. You will find a simple submission form for each Vessel and additional information and pricing will be provided based on your request.


Thank you for visiting Yacht Charter Advisors!

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